Sneaker-Ku Just for Fun!!!

sneakers –
my thoughts run wild
through the poppies

under thumb –
even my sneakers
feel pressure

jogging . . .
my sneakers splash
an old lady

winter path –
my sneakers
frozen over

playing tennis . . .
my sneakers sometimes
late to the ball

freeway driving –
the cop said my sneakers
were speeding

rainy day –
my sneakers sneaking
across the carpet

banging around . . .
my old sneakers
in the dryer

walking on ants . . .
my sneakers fail
to blend in

running quickly . . .
the shadows of my

sneakers –
the dirt of yesterday
still today

a bit muddy . . .
my sneakers
rat me out

cross country . . .
my sneakers’ tongues
hanging dry

clouded moon –
my sneakers change
their minds

getting old –
my sneaker refused
my foot

finally home –
my sneaker enters
before me

moonlit path –
my sneakers leave
their shadows

in the church
pew –
my old sneakers

sneakers –
under foot, but
over the snail

annoyed –
one of my sneakers
kicks a can

sneaking . . .
my sneakers give
me away

playing tag . . .
my sneakers
out ran his

longing to play tennis I become a sneaker

upside down –
my sneakers
petal clouds

spring gust –
my sneakers hanging
from a tree limb

losing balance –
my sneakers dangle
from a high wire

tapping the bat . . .
my sneaker kicks up
a dust storm

playing tennis . . .
my sneakers run
out of bounds

at night
asleep, my sneakers
counting sheep

creaking –
the old wood floor
hears the sneakers

in a mailer . . .
my sneakers show up
at a discount

making love . . .
my sneakers finally
didn’t run

upset –
one of my sneakers
stomps the ground

sneakers –
my thoughts race
the clouds

bike spoke –
my sneaker left
my foot


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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9 Responses to Sneaker-Ku Just for Fun!!!

  1. Don Baird says:

    To leave a comment, sign in. If you are not registered, you will have to do that first. Then, comment; then, wait for approval (spam control). Thank you! Please let me know if you have any troubles with this. I’ll try to help.

  2. Carol Judkins says:

    These are rib-tickles for sure. And clever. What FUN these are to read!

  3. Maria says:

    Love the sneaker-ku!

  4. I haven’t read these in a while, they’re absolutely brilliant! I was cracking up, I love the speeding sneaker! 🙂

  5. Baobab Shade says:

    Breathless as to how you could turn one single word “sneakers” around. I will secretly beg for more Sir….Adjei Agyei-Baah

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