Dangling Twig

When we visit Mammoth Mountains for vacation, we always stay in some cabins near Lake Mary.  They’re old, not run down … but old.  The area is in sort of a bowl shape with  mountains completely surrounding it.  Of course, there are all kinds of critters including spiders.  I prefer the bears and chipmunks but there is a small crowd of spiders to add character to the environment.  LOL

In this case, I spotted this floating twig – a tiny one.  It was suspended in air by the web.  Looking through the web the mountains were powerful and crisp in the background.  Then, I noticed there was …

dangling twig
a mountainous view
but no spider


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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8 Responses to Dangling Twig

  1. Maria Baird says:

    Love this Haiku

  2. Maria Baird says:

    I agree and it gives me the chuckles….I would much rather be hanging with the bears than the spiders. I run away from the spiders and run to the bears, somehow this does not seem normal.

  3. donbaird says:

    haha… it’s NOT normal!

  4. erin mcguire says:

    Wonderful! I read the Haiku before reading the story to see if I got the picture in my head right and I sure did. I always look for the spider when I see dangling twigs.

  5. Don Baird says:

    That’s awesome! There’s always something behind the web … in the distance. It’s kind of cool to notice that. Of course, in this case I was a little worried because the spider was missing and the web was a little tattered.

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