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God Bless everyone and may the New Year be the happiest one ever!  It isn’t the challenges that define us;  it’s how we handle them that does!  Embrace the New Year!  Embrace yourselves, embrace each other … and lets go … Continue reading

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In stillness, without moving a muscle, the scarecrow watches over the crops.  These odd and scary looking creatures were all over Colorado and Wyoming when I was a kid.  And, I’m sure that I was more scared of them than … Continue reading

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Years back we had taken our shephard to Mammoth Mountains.  There was still snow on the ground and he loved it.  In fact, he went crazy for it.  He ran and slid and tried to bite it.  It was like … Continue reading

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Lazy Evening

Reading a couple of good books and sitting by the fireplace became the evening’s adventure.  The wind is howling a bit.  It’s pretty dang cold out, too.  Thank goodness for drapes, warm stuff to drink and a fireplace.  The “green … Continue reading


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Wyoming Days

When we moved to Wyoming, we needed a place to stay for awhile until we could get our house. My grandfather was a cowboy-cattleman and owned a massive ranch. The main house was really cool with a large front porch … Continue reading

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Tech Stuff

working on the railway – zip drive I find it very fascinating how modern technology has effected our daily lives. From cell phones to computers and more, we engross ourselves with the tech realm. The other day I saw a … Continue reading

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blue sky

Today is one of those really gray, dreary days. A sea of gloom hovers the mountains and community. The trees are swaying in the wind and the birds are huddled in the corners of things. No rain. Just wind and … Continue reading

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First Powder

When I used to live in Wyoming, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be a complete “white-out”.  Soon, the ground, the trees … everything … became a continuum of white.  In fact, if you stood out there very long, you’d … Continue reading

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The other night I was downtown with my wife and some great friends.  When we were walking along, I noticed a few homeless folks in differing areas.  It was getting late and I was kind of … well … surprised … Continue reading

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Dangling Twig

When we visit Mammoth Mountains for vacation, we always stay in some cabins near Lake Mary.  They’re old, not run down … but old.  The area is in sort of a bowl shape with  mountains completely surrounding it.  Of course, … Continue reading

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