First Powder

When I used to live in Wyoming, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be a complete “white-out”.  Soon, the ground, the trees … everything … became a continuum of white.  In fact, if you stood out there very long, you’d blend right in with the rest!

Things haven’t changed much. Last year the golf course behind my house was whitened right along with all the pine trees including the club house.  It was a complete white out.  I stayed indoors!

first powder
a few pines fade
into the sky


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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9 Responses to First Powder

  1. Maria Baird says:

    Loved the snow on the golf course that was so pretty. I watched the trees slowly turning white. Your Haiku is very visual, also I can sense the silence that comes with the first snow.

  2. donbaird says:

    That was such a beautiful sight. The quietness of it was amazing! All the kids jumped the fence to sled and play.

  3. erin mcguire says:

    I couldnt agree with GMM more. Its really amazing what a detailed picture just a few well written words can paint in my head.

  4. Don Baird says:

    I love writing haiku. They’re such a challenge – like little word puzzles about nature and it’s amazing amazingness! (I love my dictionary)

  5. B~ says:

    this one is very vivid to me. makes me think of my backyard growing up. as soon as those pine trees faded away we knew we’d be called off school for the day. i loved those trees, but i loved to see them get ‘whited out’ even more 🙂

    • Don Baird says:

      Hi “B” … Those were the days … standing by the window, looking out, and measuring your luck by the fading of the trees. I love the memories and I loved even more, skipping school. Don’t tell anyone though!

  6. erin mcguire says:

    I do too! We need to get it into print so I can carry a pocket copy. : )

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