blue sky

Today is one of those really gray, dreary days. A sea of gloom hovers the mountains and community. The trees are swaying in the wind and the birds are huddled in the corners of things. No rain. Just wind and a gray … everywhere.

trees and clouds, the blue sky …

A day like today is a perfect day to notice the wonderful blessings we have even when it seems as though the “gray” is overwhelming and the blessings are out numbered.


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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4 Responses to blue sky

  1. Maria Baird says:

    I love that, so true. Just when we think all is so horrible a slight crack of blue comes thru (a friend calls, a smile from a stranger). We should look to the blue, no matter how small. Great Ku!

  2. Adam Marshall says:

    The “grays” help give me contrast to the blue skies. Rainy days make sunny days even brighter.

    between cloud and puddle-

    Thanks for the great haiku. It’s is always a pleasure to read yours.

  3. Don Baird says:

    ahhh… a great haiku response! Perfect!

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