Tech Stuff

on the railway –
zip drive

I find it very fascinating how modern technology has effected our daily lives. From cell phones to computers and more, we engross ourselves with the tech realm.

The other day I saw a lady driving while she was putting on her make-up and talking on the cell phone simultaneously! I couldn’t believe it. I noticed her because she was swerving down the highway without much regard for painted lines!

I was hoping to get passed her without any of her make-up “rubbing off” on my car. So, I “sort-of” pressed the pedal a bit and zoomed passed her to get on with my day – in one piece and without a highway patrolman raising an eyebrow.

below radar
down the road
I become dust


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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