Wyoming Days

The first days of living on the ranch and in Wyoming revisited.  That old building should have remained the rooster’s roost!  But, it was ours, with a few changes and upgrades 🙂 until we were able to settle on where we would build our own home.  I was young.  I don’t remember really how long we lived there.  But, it was long enough to learn to rope, ride and shoot guns.

every snow flake
the warmth of sun

Those were some cold times.  I looked for warmth anywhere I could find it.  It brought us close together for awhile though.  When we went to the mountains, we always sat around a huge fire and sang western songs.  My dad played guitar and knew a lot of the Gene Autry stuff.  In between chattering teeth, we all had fun!


About Don Baird

A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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