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A simple person that looks at the beauty and uniqueness of life through the lens of imagination.
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5 Responses to Waterfall

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    Don, That is a very interesting bird… Can you tell me a little about it? All in balance for sure…

    • Don Baird says:

      Hi! All I know is that it is a hawk. I shot the bird at the San Diego zoo. Next time I’m that way, I’ll read more of the info posted. I forgot to document it this time out! 😦

      • snowbirdpress says:

        Hi, Don, Thanks for letting me know it’s not a US bird… I had a feeling it was from someplace else, as I’ve seen it before but couldn’t quite place where it was I saw it. Knowing it was in a zoo keeps me from going a little nuts trying to figure out what it was… I had a feeling it was some sort of eagle.

  2. Maria says:


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