About Don’s Blog

Welcome to my corner of the world. Join me in looking down the lens of haiku to “snapshot moments” for personal enjoyment and friendship. While a few of the poems posted here are published, I am often posting poems that have not been posted or published anywhere else. This blog, to me, is rewarding enough … for any and all to find and read my poetry.

Enjoy the mix of styles of seriousness, humor, and imagination.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your time with me here!  I greatly appreciate it.

Don Baird


4 Responses to About Don’s Blog

  1. Sherry Rochelle says:

    Loved the poetry…thank you!

  2. Gabi Greve says:

    Hi Don, just found your BLOG . . .
    a good place to visit more often!
    Gabi from Japan

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