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stretching . . . across the skyline a demure hoot

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blue canoe

blue canoe . . . the sound of a pond’s stillness

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lone cloud

lone cloud . . . in the midst of this autumn dusk

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chasing frisbees . . . the humidity of his breath

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early spring; the rainbow pours through morning

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Wyoming Days

The first days of living on the ranch and in Wyoming revisited.  That old building should have remained the rooster’s roost!  But, it was ours, with a few changes and upgrades 🙂 until we were able to settle on where … Continue reading

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God Bless everyone and may the New Year be the happiest one ever!  It isn’t the challenges that define us;  it’s how we handle them that does!  Embrace the New Year!  Embrace yourselves, embrace each other … and lets go … Continue reading

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In stillness, without moving a muscle, the scarecrow watches over the crops.  These odd and scary looking creatures were all over Colorado and Wyoming when I was a kid.  And, I’m sure that I was more scared of them than … Continue reading

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Lazy Evening

Reading a couple of good books and sitting by the fireplace became the evening’s adventure.  The wind is howling a bit.  It’s pretty dang cold out, too.  Thank goodness for drapes, warm stuff to drink and a fireplace.  The “green … Continue reading


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Wyoming Days

When we moved to Wyoming, we needed a place to stay for awhile until we could get our house. My grandfather was a cowboy-cattleman and owned a massive ranch. The main house was really cool with a large front porch … Continue reading

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